The girl with a head full of words

There once was a girl with a head full of words
So many words it was downright absurd
New words would arrive in her head every day
Too many to count; too many to stay

The words bickered and fought and twisted about
Fighting and jostling, trying to get out
They crammed into corners, her ears and her nose
Yet she never could find the right words for her prose

One day her poor head, it blew up like a ball
It grew tall as building, as wide as a wall
But still there was not enough room for them all

Her head grew so large, so heavy, so loaded
That finally at last, with a BANG! It exploded
With a rush of hot air, those words made their escape
Up up up through the air to paint the landscape

She saw with surprise that her words were bright blue
And they stuck to the sky like super strong glue
Down on the ground the people all stared
They’d never seen words made of thin blue air

As they breathed in these words hanging thick in the air
They thought new ideas that they wanted to share
The girl’s words were a gift! Amazing! Inspired!
And the sky was so pretty, the blue so admired.

The people so loved their new word-sky of blue
That now your words too, help to make the sky blue
And still to this day ideas come from the sky
The cycle continues, with you and with I

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© Bea Pierce, 2006