Building blocks

Building Blocks” is an interpretive book piece that challenges the traditional notions of what constitutes a book: linearity, codex, substrate and narrative. Each ‘page’ uses graffiti images, message fragments, visual language and typography to tell a story on each block; the blocks as a whole tell whatever story the viewer/constructor creates.

The difference between what we see and what we actually see is entirely dependent on what is already foremost in our minds. The photographs used for this piece began as an exploration of the layers of fragmented message that adorn the walls of Sydney’s Inner West and evolved to become a documentary of the unheard voices, guerrilla conversations and irreverent messages found inscribed on the city.

Condemned as mere vandalism, most of these messages are ignored. But the words written on the city go beyond mere vandalism, often becoming a form of self-published storytelling. If you could have your say, what would you write on the walls?

Building Blocks” is an interactive book that requires audience participation to complete. The audience is invited to break down the wall and use the blocks to deconstruct and reinterpret the message the book presents in whichever way they wish, to create urban poetry or a new message.

Building blocks: analogue interactive book art
Building blocks: analogue interactive book art

Building Blocks” exhibited at Another Book For No Good Reason group exhibition of artists’ response to the book:

  • Next Art Gallery, Lismore, October 9th to 26th 2007
  • Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown, October 29th to November 11th 2007

120mm w x 70mm h x 42mm d

Materials used:

  • Inkjet photos
  • Wood blocks
  • Black gesso
  • Helmar acid free adhesive
  • Polyurethane clear sealer

All artworks are self-funded and created on a shoestring budget