Star light, star bright

A beautiful fallen star lay in a pond and was picked up by a little girl, who loved that pretty star so much, she wanted to keep it for her own. So she put it in her pocket and took it home.

In her bedroom, she took the star out to look at it and stroke it. And the star spoke to her!

“Thank you for rescuing me from the pond. You have done me a great honour. And now I would be very grateful if you would return me to the sky.”

But the little girl didn’t want to let the star go. She wanted to keep the sparkly shiny star because it made her feel happy.

Every night, she took the star out of her pocket to gaze at it and pat it. And every night the star pleaded with her to let it go back to the sky.

One night, she saw that the star was smaller and not as bright. “Oh Star! You’re shrinking and fading! Why is this happening?”

The star told her that she would not be able to keep it forever as it would die without the sky and the company of other stars. It needed to be set free in order to live and give light.

The little girl cried but she knew the star was right. She gently cradled the star in her hand and leaned over to kiss it softly.

“Goodbye my sparkly star. Go and shine high in the sky.” And she gently blew it out the window and up into the night.

Suddenly it grew and shone with so much light it dazzled her. At last it was home, where it belonged. And she smiled.

© Bea Pierce, 2007