Memory quilt

Memory quilt” explores the notion of the quilt as both time capsule and custodian of cultural history, tradition and story in a specific time and place, community or family.

A common theme within my art is an exploration of the relationships between ourselves and the cultural environments we create and inhabit. We create our culture and influence our relationships with others through the song each of us sings within our lives and the resulting impressions we leave behind us.

What takes a moment from ordinary to extraordinary? I am fascinated by those moments that appear ordinary but are made extraordinary either through the visual telling or in the story behind the image.

For this piece, I combined captures of the extraordinary (fleeting) moments of those songs I see in ordinary people’s lives, with the symbolism of patchwork quilts to tell the story of our society and its culture right now.

Each image square on the quilt is a pocket. The audience was invited to respond to the quilt images by writing down a memory or emotion sparked by each image and ‘posting’ it into the image pocket.



Created for “ordinary (extra)ordinary“, a pop-up group exhibition exploring the notion of iphonography as an artistic medium for expression and storytelling.  Mona Vale Music, June 2013