Community totems

Inspired by the idea of totems as being a representation of a community and its cultural roots, “Totem” is an interactive work that requires the participation of the community the totem is being created in, in order to be completed.

Each totem is constructed in such a way that it can be easily rearranged, pieces removed or added to it at any time and moved if necessary. The works are designed to be ephemeral and transient, ever-changing and impermanent.

There are no rules when creating a block to contribute to the totem other than the block representing in some way their connection to the community. Everyone is invited to decorate a block in any way they like.

Celebrating 40 years of Kinma, September 2012




Celebrating the Wild Yam “yamily”, December 2013





Materials used:

  • Steel rebar
  • Reclaimed timber
  • Various power tools
  • Paint, mosaics, fabrics, found objects

All artworks are self-funded and created on a shoestring budget