Pain trees

Inspired by William Kentridge and Tim Burton, “Pain trees” is a short, hand-drawn film created for Animation during my BA Visual Communication (multimedia) in 2009. It was my first – and only – attempt at keyframed digital cell animation. I was pretty chuffed that it got an HD!

Sound effects by Adam Pierce.

Lost in translation

Lost in Translation” was created for a Motion Graphics assignment, ‘In my head’, during my BA Visual Communication (multimedia), 2009.

It explores a range of themes including subconscious memes, message fragments and the subversion, deconstruction and re-contextualizing of message through imagination. The piece is a journey through my subconscious, so please don’t expect it to make any sense!

Music is “Sweet Synthetic Girl” by The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T.

Student Homework Help – Create Your Articles Fascinating

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Building blocks

Building Blocks” is an interpretive book piece that challenges the traditional notions of what constitutes a book: linearity, codex, substrate and narrative. Each ‘page’ uses graffiti images, message fragments, visual language and typography to tell a story on each block; the blocks as a whole tell whatever story the viewer/constructor creates.

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