Strobe” is a collection of 90’s rave culture, hand-held photographic impressions caught in the strobe lights. Electronic underground alternatives. Retro grooves. Psychedelica. Surreal oddities. Blurry disorientation. Vivid imagination. Glimpses. Fragments. Half-remembered faces. Half-forgotten places. Peripheral memory. Buzz. Distortion. Wild. Crazy colours. Beckoning. Alluring. Elusive. Totally irresistible to the curiously minded.

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Borrowed word

Borrowed Word” is a series of poems written using text appropriated from a range of popular media sources (classified ads, girly magazines and tabloid newspaper headlines, Twitter/Facebook, Mills & Boons novels, Readers Digest, Time/Life encyclopedias, television ads, pop songs) deconstructed and reconstructed into linguistic cultural environments.

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More offenses Cobb male states he was practically murdered

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com-mun-i-cate” is an artificially created environment wired for subverted communication. The audience is invited to participate, but in this environment, the phones do not behave the way we expect them to, nor are we able to use them the way we are used to using them.

Instead of being able to use the phone for personal expression or to communicate our own messages, the phones are pushing a message at us, forcing us to ‘listen’ to the phones’ expression.

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The world is full of hypocrites. You. Me. Every single one of us is a hypocrite.

Is it better or worse to be a self-aware hypocrite? New Agers will tell you better – they think self-awareness is the first step to enlightenment. I think worse because when you are aware of your own hypocrisy, you are painfully conscious of everything you do and say, and the multitude of ways they may be interpreted as hypocritical.

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Skin” is an exploration of the language of persuasion and how concepts such as brand are imprinted through targeted media. Influenced by the idea of corporate tattoos and repeated exposure to place brands “under the skin”, this piece uses gender specific, targeted media as the skin for the mannequins, visually presenting stereotypes that are generated and reinforced through this media.

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