Wild Temple of Yam

My latest art installation project over New Year was a temple installation for an outdoor festival called Wild Yam. The “Wild Temple of Yam” was inspired by the temples of Burning Man, and built as a tribute to my father, who passed away last year. The temple concept was to recreate the original temple – Stonehenge – in a quirky form as Doorhenge.

The temple space works on the principle of radical inclusion. It is designed to be a non-denominational, open and inclusive place to honour, remember, reflect, grieve, meditate, pray and be peaceful. The temple guardians, each of which represent a different persona or social archetype, are non-racial interspecies. During the festival, the temple was used as a space for remembrance, meditation, reflection and spirituality. People were invited to write or paint on the doors, leave an offering or prayer or whatever felt right to them, or simply sit in the space.

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