Effigy” explores the concept of original beauty through the various layers of what it means to be human; mind, body and soul. The metaphor of Babushka nesting dolls relates to relationships, of layers and of peeling or stripping away the surface to reveal inner depth. The form of the dolls is similar to that of the original effigies; the rounded, female earth mother.

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Pain trees

Inspired by William Kentridge and Tim Burton, “Pain trees” is a short, hand-drawn film created for Animation during my BA Visual Communication (multimedia) in 2009. It was my first – and only – attempt at keyframed digital cell animation. I was pretty chuffed that it got an HD!

Sound effects by Adam Pierce.

Lost in translation

Lost in Translation” was created for a Motion Graphics assignment, ‘In my head’, during my BA Visual Communication (multimedia), 2009.

It explores a range of themes including subconscious memes, message fragments and the subversion, deconstruction and re-contextualizing of message through imagination. The piece is a journey through my subconscious, so please don’t expect it to make any sense!

Music is “Sweet Synthetic Girl” by The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T.

Building blocks

Building Blocks” is an interpretive book piece that challenges the traditional notions of what constitutes a book: linearity, codex, substrate and narrative. Each ‘page’ uses graffiti images, message fragments, visual language and typography to tell a story on each block; the blocks as a whole tell whatever story the viewer/constructor creates.

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com-mun-i-cate” is an artificially created environment wired for subverted communication. The audience is invited to participate, but in this environment, the phones do not behave the way we expect them to, nor are we able to use them the way we are used to using them.

Instead of being able to use the phone for personal expression or to communicate our own messages, the phones are pushing a message at us, forcing us to ‘listen’ to the phones’ expression.

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Skin” is an exploration of the language of persuasion and how concepts such as brand are imprinted through targeted media. Influenced by the idea of corporate tattoos and repeated exposure to place brands “under the skin”, this piece uses gender specific, targeted media as the skin for the mannequins, visually presenting stereotypes that are generated and reinforced through this media.

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